“What’s the Buzz from Glitter W.A.S.P.?

Glorious Maya Telford!!

I have the great privilege of being in both the Red Madonna Sisterhood course and the Color of Woman course with a magnificent circle of visionary women. And when I say visionary I mean VISIONARY!!!!!!! The art, the healing messages, the love and light and miracles that are streaming into the planet from these women feel like they are  coming from “over the rainbow,” yes, another upgraded version of our world that is luminescent, glorious, healed, whole and sacred. In addition to these two courses I have also been deeply immersed in studying energy work with a great master as a journey of healing for myself. I have found myself drawn to the art of Maya Telford, one of the Red Madonna sisters and Color of Woman teachers, whom I am honored to introduce to you this month. Not surprisingly it turns out that Maya does many versions of energy work and healing and as I browsed through her interview and web-sites I became even more fully astonished by her talents and her deep, soulful beauty. In addition to being a Reiki master, a dimensional reader and clairvoyant, she is a trace channel and spirit walker. One only has to gaze at her art once to see that she walks with Spirit and brings healing into the world through the beauty, wonder and mystery of her images. She also conducts classes, monthly meditations and has recently begun to create “soul portraits,” paintings that assist people on their spiritual path and include a private reading. I am deeply grateful and honored to know Maya and to be in circle with her. I hope you will take the time to learn about her unique SOUL-SHINE and to receive the joy, inspiration and healing that she offers to the world. Take it away Maya!!!! You are spectacular!!!!

Have you always been an artist?

Yes, at around the age of 4 or 5 I started making my own paper dolls and designing their clothes.  Also, at a young age I would do portraits of people with paper and pencil.

“Our Lady of the Sacred Heart”, a painting by Maya Telford, outpicturing the connection of the physical heart to the living heart of the divine

Can you give me and the readers a snapshot/ thumbnail sketch of your journey to the place where you are now as an artist? Please share the different mediums that have been part of your artistic journey, i.e. performing, visual, creative writing, poetry, etc.

Drawing/painting, dancing – starting with ballet as a child and graduated into middle eastern dance/belly dancing as an adult.  Fibre art, spinning, weaving, dyeing, sewing, clothes design, art quilting.  Painting, mainly abstract and landscape.  Crafts of all kinds.

Can you tell me how your life as an artist has shaped and/or transformed your identity?

I have always seen things differently than most, probably because I was born “open,” a psychic/clairvoyant but also because of my artistic side.  I have always just danced to my own music and dressed my own way. (Don’t you just LOVE her?!!!!!!) Sometimes wearing odd socks on purpose, one earring instead of two, clothes back to front or inside out, that kind of thing.  It used to embarrass my children, probably still does… lol.  My whole life I have really identified with the word gypsy and even though I am of Celtic origins with red hair and very white skin, I have always felt more gypsy than anything. Some of my friends have lovingly called me “an Irish Gypsy” from time to time.  I know that I have been referred to as “one of those Goddess women” on more than one occasion.

“Pachamamma” painting by Maya Telford, representing the Divine Feminine Energies present in the South Americas

Can you share a short description of the “legend” of you?

I don’t know what you really mean by this but will try my best to give you something here.  The word “survivor” comes to mind.  Against great odds and challenges I am still here.  Probably more amazing to me than anyone else.  I have spent my life in service to a higher power and will continue to do so for as long as I am in a physical body on this planet.  At that time, I am sure something greater will be arranged. lol lol.

Bringing back an awareness of the Divine Feminine has been, and continues to be, a great mission of mine.

About six months ago I was led to combine my painting with my readings and I now do soul portrait/readings for clients.  Spirit shows me information about a person at a soul level and I translate that onto a canvas. I then do a reading for them to explain the painting.  This has led to amazing healings at deep emotional levels and is so in keeping with my dedication to service.

 How does your artistic practice and your muse change the perspective that you have about challenges and blessings in your life? (Please share about either challenges or blessings or both if you’d like to.)

“Holy Heart of Hawaii”, a painting embodying Hawaii, heart chakra of the world, by Maya Telford

It wasn’t very much fun being “different” as a child, but as I grew up, I came to realize that being called to create is indeed a great blessing – one can never be lonely or alone when in the creative process.  It takes up every empty space in one’s life and fills them all with things of wonder.  My belief system helps me to accept great challenge as a great opportunity for growth.  Nothing is by chance and our lives are like an amazing, great tapestry; if we were to pull out one thread because it wasn’t to our liking, then our whole tapestry would come unravelled. We are right now the sum total of everything that has happened in our lives and I, for one, am very happy to be who I am right now at this point in time and space.

 What are you currently excited about and what are you working on? Please tell us about any upcoming workshops that you may be offering.

I am currently extremely excited about painting the divine feminine in whatever way She guides me to do.  My plan is to be offering workshops on sacred art in the fall of this year.  I am also very psyched about creating one of a kind pieces of silver jewelry and incorporating some of my painting and clay work into the actual jewelry pieces.

  I’d love to know more about your “relationship” with sparkle & glitter?!! 

“Magdalene of the Eightfold Path” by Maya Telford, a painting that represents the Buddhistic, Balanced energy of Mary Magdalene

(oooooohh I love this part!!)  Do you use it in your artwork and have you done any embellishment with beads yet?

Yes, yes, yes!!!  Love sparkle and glitter and have used it in my art quilts and mixed media work over the years.  The concept of sparkling is not a new one to me. lol!

I now put glitter and beads into my paintings and at the very least, gold paint for accents!  I will also be using it in my jewelry! At any given time I am usually covered in some sort of glitter… lol (Sparkle soul sister……yep she is super glitterate!!!!!!)

How can people find you…..tell me your blog/web-site, any other info you want to pass along to our readers.

I can be found at www.mayatelford.com, www.dyelicious.com and www.kidscanheal.org.  The first one, mayatelford.com, is the only one with information on my painting.  I do have a Facebook page, “The Painted Soul,” which carries a lot more information about the work I am doing with soul portraits, etc.


GLITTER W.A.S.P. is a visionary artist and teacher, and an “Art Critic” who champions women artists. She considers it her own personal mission to spread sparkle around the world by celebrating the delightful, shimmering beauty that women offer to the world through their gorgeous, artistic creations.

She resides in San Francisco at the Palace of the Soul with her three fabulously talented children, their resident grandmother and her “revolving extended family.” She is known in the Cosmic Cowgirls community both as Glitter W.A.S.P. and the Bejewelled Baroness. She can often be found in her studio playing with sparkling arrays of dazzling beads and glitter. “Glitter Therapy” is her favorite pastime. She teaches transformational art & embellishment classes at “The Palace of the Soul Divine School of Glitteracy.” To view a complete menu of classes offered go to http://www.enchantedeye.net/elizabeth-gibbons-one-on-one-classes.html. Magical Sparkle Mandalas with Gina G-flow Fong is coming to the Palace of the Soul Sunday July 15th!!!! This one is going to be super sparkly and focus on embellishment techniques and painting Mandalas as Divine Feminine Power Totems!!!! Come awaken your SOUL-SHINE with us! Unlimited possibilities and joy guaranteed!! Limited to 8 women. Contact Glitter W.A.S.P. at pangels@pacbell.net or 415-637-4290 to learn more. Go to http://www.paintmandalas.com/workshops/ to sign up!!!

Don’t be surprised if after reading this article you discover that you find mysterious pieces of glitter upon your being!! Glitter W.A.S.P. has been known to travel far and wide in her mission to spread sparkle around the world.

If you would like her to feature you and your art in her column please contact her at pangels@pacbell.net. If you would like to learn more about her inspiring art, workshops offered to enchant your life and awaken your divine inner sparkle or glitteracy, visit her web-sites at http://www.enchantedeye.net or http://www.glitteracy.com or http://cosmiccowgirls.com.


Author: Jonathan Lewis

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